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CANAGEDDON is a retro-style Role Playing Game where you must survive a post-apocalyptic Ottawa and travel to the Diefenbunker before you die of radiation poisoning. Inspired by classics such as Might and Magic, Zork and Oregon Trail, it's a casual-friendly throwback to early PC gaming, programmed in QBasic.




Key Features Include

  • Travel across a familiar landscape as you come across ruined versions of real world landmarks
  • Battle twisted versions of Canadian icons: Feral Hosers, FLQ Terrorists, Trudeaumaniacs & Demented Log Drivers
  • Arm yourself and stay alive with: Poutine, Hockey Sticks, 50 Mission Caps & Jagged Little Pills
  • Explore unique interiors including Parliament and Rideau Hall, battling epic bosses like The Queen herself!
  • Level up and choose new abilities to help you on your way - will you be a combat focused heavyweight or a sneaky survivalist?

Stay tuned for our upcoming Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns!